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Have you ever taken a photograph and wished you could make it better? Have you a creative side that you want to express? Are you looking for a new hobby, or even a new career? Knowledge in Photoshop will equip you with the skills you need to really transform your images. A firm understanding of the power of post-production and image editing will open up a whole new world of creative tools and techniques. In this course, you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to enhance, edit, and create images to a professional standard and to add a whole other layer to your skill set as a photographer and designer

Salary Detail

$ 25,000 - 35,000 JUNIOR EXECUTIVE (0-1 YEARS)
$ 25,000 - 35,000 SENIOR EXECUTIVE (1-3 YEARS)
$ 50,000 - 75,000 MANAGER
(3+ YEARS)
$ 80,000+ DIRECTOR/VP
(10+ YEARS)

Course Details

lesson 1 - What is Investment Banking?
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

Market Participants and Overview of Invesment Banking

lesson 2 - Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management
calendar Wednesday, 05 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Commercial Banking Vs Investment Banking, Glass-Steagall Reform

b) Details of Buy Side and Sell Side

lesson 3 - The Equity Markets and IPOs/FPOs
calendar Monday, 10 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Bears vs Bulls, Stock Valuation and Measures

b) Value Stocks, Growth Stocks and Momentum Stocks

c) Recent trends and difference between IPOs and FPOs

lesson 4 - The Fixed Income Markets and Bond Offerings
calendar Wednesday, 12 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) What is the Bond Market and what are the indicators used in Bond Markets

b) Different types of Bonds and Concepts of New Issuance

c) Concepts of Bond markets trading and yields

d) Bond Offerings by Invesment Bankers

lesson 5 - Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Private Placements, and Reorganizations
calendar Monday, 17 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) M&As and Private Placements of Equity and Debt Securities

b) Financial Restructuring

lesson 6 - Corporate Finance
calendar Wednesday, 19 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) What is Corporate Finance and its link in Investment Banking

b) The Typical Working on a Corporate Finance Deal

lesson 7 - Pitch Book
calendar Monday, 24 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) How to make a Pitch Book

b) A practical real-life example of a Pitch Book

lesson 8 - Institutional Sales and Trading
calendar Wednesday, 26 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Basics of Trading, Players involved in trading, Routine of Traders

b) Basics of Institutional Sales

c) Typical day in life of a trader

lesson 9 - Research
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) How to make a sell-side report

b) How to make a buy-side Investment memo

lesson 10 - Chinese Walls
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Chinese Wall concept between IBD/IMD/Hedge Funds

  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Half syllabus
  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Full syllabus
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