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Salary Detail

$ 25,000 - 35,000 JUNIOR EXECUTIVE (0-1 YEARS)
$ 25,000 - 35,000 SENIOR EXECUTIVE (1-3 YEARS)
$ 50,000 - 75,000 MANAGER
(3+ YEARS)
$ 80,000+ DIRECTOR/VP
(10+ YEARS)

Course Details

lesson 1 - Introduction to Credit Analysis
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Debt or Fixed Income Maturities VS Equity

b) Main Goals of Credit Analysis: Primary and Secondary Analysis

lesson 2 - Corporate Structure
calendar Wednesday, 05 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Location of Material assets matters--Structural Subordination

b) Where is the debt held, and what is its ranking?--Secured vs Unsecured Debt

c) 1st lien debt, junior debt, subordinate debt--Contractual Subordination

lesson 3 - Guarantees and Collateralization of Debt
calendar Monday, 10 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Concepts of Guarantees on debt

b) Concepts of Collateralization of assets to secure debt

lesson 4 - Capital Structure and Risk
calendar Wednesday, 12 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Concepts of Capital Structure and how to make a Cap Table

b) Concepts of Credit Risk and its different types

c) How to remove credit risk by enhancing the credit terms

lesson 5 - Revolving Credit Facility, Bank Debt and Corporate Debt
calendar Monday, 17 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Concept of Revolvers and Its various agreement terms

b) Concepts of Bank Debt and its ranking in the cap structure

c) Concepts of Corporate Debt, its types and ranking in the cap structure

lesson 6 - Pricing of different types of Bond/Debt securities
calendar Wednesday, 19 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Concepts of Principal, Interest, Coupons of Bonds and Pricing formuals

b) Concepts of Issue Price, Par Value, Maturity, Yields

c) Pricing of Bonds with Options and concepts of Issuance of bonds with Premium and Discounts

d) Concept of Optional Prepayment and Redemption of Bonds, Equity Clawback

e) Modelling of Bonds, specifically, modelling of Premium and Discounts on Bonds

lesson 7 - Duration, Convexity and Different types of Bond Yields
calendar Monday, 24 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Concept of Bond Duration and Convexity of Bonds

b) Different types of Bond Yields and Which Yield is relevant when (YTM, YTC, YTW, YTNC)

lesson 8 - Credit Ratings
calendar Wednesday, 26 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) S&P and Moody's Credit Ratings

b) How do Credit Rating agencies rate bonds---Investment Grade and High Yield Bonds

lesson 9 - Covenants
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Negative Covenants

b) Affirmative Covenants

c) What Happens in case of Bankruptcy, which bond is re-paid when and how much

lesson 10 - Credit Ratios
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Leverage Ratios

b) Coverage Ratios and DU-PONT Analysis

  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Half syllabus
  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Full syllabus
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