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$ 25,000 - 35,000 JUNIOR EXECUTIVE (0-1 YEARS)
$ 25,000 - 35,000 SENIOR EXECUTIVE (1-3 YEARS)
$ 50,000 - 75,000 MANAGER
(3+ YEARS)
$ 80,000+ DIRECTOR/VP
(10+ YEARS)

Course Details

lesson 1 - Introduction to Derivatives Markets
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Derivatives--Meaning and Definition and different types of Derivatives and their Uses

lesson 2 - Forwards and Futures
calendar Wednesday, 05 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Basic Hedging Practices and Introduction to Futures

b) Difference between Forwards and Futures, Basis Risk, Cross Hedging, Rolling Hedge Forward

c) Uses and Application of Futures and Forwards including Index derivatives

lesson 3 - Options Derivatives
calendar Monday, 10 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Option Terminology and Types of Options

b) Options Markets and difference between Options, Futures and Forwards

c) Different Types of Payoff of Option Derivatives

d) Basics of Option Startegies--Covered Call Writing and Protective Put Strategy

lesson 4 - Principles of Options Pricing
calendar Wednesday, 12 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Basics of Option Pricing and Binomial Model for Pricing of Options

b) Black Scholes Model for Options Pricing

c) Put Call Parity using both Models of Options Pricing

lesson 5 - Different Types of Call Option Strategies and their Payoffs
calendar Monday, 17 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Covered Calls, Protective Put, Bull Spread, Bear Spreads (Short and Long with Calls and Puts)

b) Strangle (Short and Long), Straddle (Short and Long), Butterfly Spread (Short and Long), Box Spread

lesson 6 - Introduction to Options Greeks and Basic Delta Hedging
calendar Wednesday, 19 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Concepts of Delta and Delta Hedging

b) Concepts of Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho

lesson 7 - Exotic Options and Real Options
calendar Monday, 24 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Non-Standard American Options, Forward Start Options

b) Compound Options: Call on a Call, Put on a Call, Call on a Put, Put on a Put

c) Chooser, Barrier and Binary Options

lesson 8 - Interest Rate Derivatives and Eurodollar Derivatives
calendar Wednesday, 26 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Treasury Bill and Treasury Bond Futures

b) Hedging with T-Bills and T-Notes and Eurodollar Derivatives

lesson 9 - Swaps and Credit Derivatives
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Plain Vanilla Interest Rate Swaps and Exploiting Disequillibrium, Currency Swaps

b) Common Credit Derivatives, Credit Default Swaps, Total Return Swap, Collateralized Debt Obligations

lesson 10 - Risk Management with Derivatives
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Hedging using Greeks Positions, concepts of Position Delta and Position Gamma

b) Delta-Gamma Hedging

c) Discussion On Hedging Policy, Portfolio Insurance

  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Half syllabus
  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Full syllabus
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