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Salary Detail

$ 25,000 - 35,000 JUNIOR EXECUTIVE (0-1 YEARS)
$ 25,000 - 35,000 SENIOR EXECUTIVE (1-3 YEARS)
$ 50,000 - 75,000 MANAGER
(3+ YEARS)
$ 80,000+ DIRECTOR/VP
(10+ YEARS)

Course Details

lesson 1 - Introduction to Forecasting & Construction of a 3-Statement Model
calendar Monday, 03 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Modelling Best Practices

b) Excel Best Practices, incluing common "shortcut" keys and efficiency tips special function

c) Excel Foundations & steps for formulating projections

d) Fundamentals of formats including alignments & custom number formats including "text" with custom formatting

lesson 2 - Construction and application of
calendar Wednesday, 05 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Core Statements--Forecasting Income Statement

b) Core Statements--Forecasting Balance Sheet

c) Core Statements--Forecasting Cash Flows

d) Concepts of Operating and Financial Leverage and Working Capital Schedule

lesson 3 - Construction of Schedules
calendar Monday, 10 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Depreciation Schedule (PP&E table utilizing waterfall projections)

b) Amortization Schedule (def. life tangibles utilizingwaterfall projections)

c) Equity Schedule and Shares Outstanding Schedule

d) Preparing the model for forecasting debt and interest

e) Modelling cash sweeps using a revolver and Corporate liquidity, borrowing bases and debt waterfall schedule

lesson 4 - Advanced Financial Modeling & Modeling Transactions
calendar Wednesday, 12 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Balancing a model, Sensitivity Analysis, including one an two-way data tables

b) Swtiches and Scenarios: IF, CHOOSE, VLOOKUP, OFFSET Statements

c) Overview of quarterly forecasting --Key Consideration vs Annual Modeling

lesson 5 - Overview of issuing debt and key credit considerations
calendar Monday, 17 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Calculating and interpreting key financial ratios--Profitability , margins and growth

b) Interpreting key balance sheet measures--Company credit statistics--Interest Coverage, Capitalization, leverage

c) Evaluation of Indicative Credit Ratings, Overview of Bank Deb and High Yield and Investment Grade Bonds

d) Discussion of Subordination--Structural vs Contractual Subrodination

e) Discussion of Collateral, credit ratings and covenants

lesson 6 - Overview of Transactions in the Modelling Context
calendar Wednesday, 19 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Overview of the LBO market transaction and key financial parameters involved

b) Effects of Financing on a Company's Cap Structure

lesson 7 - Modeling Debt and Equity and DCF Analysis
calendar Monday, 24 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Impact of Equity Issuance, Dividends and Share Buy Backs on Financial Statements

b) Impact of Debt Issuance and accounting mechanisms

lesson 8 - DCF Analysis Lecture
calendar Wednesday, 26 Apr 18:00 PM GMT

a) Conceptual overview of DCF analysis and the WACC formula

b) Effects of Leverage on Intrinsic Value: a.) Levered (FCFE) vs. Un-Levered cash flows (FCFF)

c) Estimating the terminal value (exit multiple vs. perpetuity growth rate), equity value and equity value per share

  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Half syllabus
  • Revision and Doubts Sessions after completing Full syllabus
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